Henrik Lundqvist has some serious skills on the stage as well as on the ice.

In February, Lundqvist played a show with his charity band “The Noise Upstairs” to raise funds for the Garden of Dreams and the Johnny Mac Tennis Project. Members of his band include John McEnroe, Tarah Healy, Jay Weinberg, Johnny Healy and Jake Siberon.

“It was great, and I am so happy that it happened,” Lundqvist told Blueshirtsunited.com. “It was sold out, and I don’t have the final numbers, but I know we raised a lot of money for The Garden of Dreams and the Johnny Mac Tennis Project. That was the goal: to have a fun night and to raise a lot of money.”

The New York Rangers goaltender has many interests outside of hockey including fashion and music. He regularly performs around New York City.

“I think it’s important that you get away from the game and have other hobbies and do other things,” says Lundqvist. “It definitely helps me, and helps my game, too. It helps me to relax, and then when I come to the rink I am more excited and reenergized every time I do something else. It’s key for me to get away from the game between practices and games.”

Check out these videos of Henrik jamming out at the Canal Room in February:

Sweet Child of Mine – Guns and Roses cover

Use Somebody – Kings of Leon cover

Photo courtesy of blueshirtsunited.com