By John Cascio Jr

It’s that time of year again and, as always, Henrik has unveiled his new lid for the upcoming season. As with most of his masks with the New York Rangers they really don’t vary all that much, but they always catch the eye. Past models have almost all been adorned with Lady Liberty, the Rangers logo and the number 30 in red, white and blue but recent years have seen a small shift come into the mix with the crown being the focal point. This new “crown” is the standout feature as it surround the opening and grill. As you can see on both sides is the trademark Lady Liberty with a slightly faded/distressed NY Rangers logo in the background along with lightning bolts. The crown itself owns the facade in stunning detail along with a smaller crown and his #30 emblazoned on the chin to finish it off.

Dave Gunnarsson who creates these beauties definitely knows the King’s style and each new mask is truly a masterpiece. He sums it up best on his Facebook page by saying “Me and Henrik always brainstorm a lot for every new artwork, it’s a very exciting and creative process. I love to always come up with new ideas. This design crystallized and came to us during summer and I started to paint. It’s a classic 2 in 1 design. Old school and crisp looking on a distance, and when you come closer a new dimension opens up and the design transforms in front of your eyes.”