By Rick Carpiniello

His 10-gallon hat holds 20 gallons.

Sasquatch takes pictures of him.

He has killed two stones with one bird.

He is the most interesting man in New York sports.

Matt Harvey may be more of a celebrity, and he sure creates must-see electricity when he pitches. Eli Manning has the rings.

But there is nobody who transcends his sport more than Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s got an image,” teammate and close friend Mats Zuccarello said. “He always has cool clothes, his hair is always perfect. He’s the perfect man. He can be goofy in the locker room, he can be one of the guys, he can be funny. He can laugh, he can get chirped, he can chirp someone. He’s actually a really good guy.

“But, out there, he’s a legend. He’s dressing perfectly, he plays the guitar, he’s the man everyone wishes they could be. He’s the best goalie in the world, got the coolest clothes, the coolest hair. He always has a couple days of beard. So he’s always cool. I think that makes him much more than just being a hockey player.”

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