By Zachary Weiss

NHL superstar, and Manhattan’s hometown hero, Henrik Lundqvist is already scoping out potential post-retirement opportunities. While the 33-year-old goalie might have a couple more years left on the ice, he has teamed up with Bread & Boxers, the men’s underwear and loungewear brand from Mr. Lundqvist’s homeland, to try his hand at design.

“I’ve been doing my Crown Collection, which is more fan based, but this is something more long term,” he said of his design experience during an interview at the Birchbox Soho store. The monthly subscription service will be providing Bread & Boxers clothing and underwear among other grooming products and accessories to Birchbox Man shoppers. “My two friends from back home in Sweden, Alexander Palmgren and Henrik Lindahl, started Bread & Boxers, and we were talking for a couple years about how I could maybe get involved somehow. Then last year we decided, ‘Let’s do this.’ Right now I’m wearing the clothes and you can see me in different outfits in the ads, but soon I will be more behind-the-scenes and designing and learning. It’s a great learning experience, and it’s a good time for me to see a different world and try to get involved.”

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