The Rangers need more of the Henrik Lundqvist they got in Wednesday’s 4-2 win over the Bruins, more of the guy who made several difficult saves in stopping 31 of 33 shots, and he believes he’s closer to achieving greater consistency while he and his teammates have reeled off a five-game win streak.

“I’m feeling better and better,” said Lundqvist, who’s played in every game during the streak. “But it goes hand-in-hand with the structure in front of me. I think we help each other right now where I try to give them confidence and they help me to play my game. I can focus a lot on the shooter and be a little more aggressive when I feel like we’re in the right place. That’s our job, to help each other to raise our level. It’s something we needed to do and I feel like the last week and a half we’re moving in the right direction.”


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