Henrik Lundqvist has been through a lot of training camps. He’s played with a lot of teammates, and he’s played for a lot of coaches, and he’s had his share of opening night starts.

And it never gets old.

“I’m always excited, just after a long break,’’ Lundqvist said as he continued to prepare for what will be his 14th season with the Rangers. “It doesn’t matter how you play, or who’s in this room. You’re here, you get an opportunity to play this game. And it’s been away from me for a long time. That excitement, that adrenaline that’s been missing for four months now, when you’ve been off, you miss it. You want to get back out there and play some fun hockey.’’

Lundqvist, 36, is energized to play hockey on a rebuilding Rangers team for a rookie head coach in David Quinn because Lundqvist loves the game, loves to compete and loves being in New York. He hated missing the playoffs last season, which happened after Rangers management made the decision to go into rebuild mode, which meant trading veteran players and accumulating young prospects and draft picks. But when offered the chance to leave, Lundqvist chose to stay and help with the rebuild.


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