You’re going to be seeing the old Henrik Lundqvist in nets this season, and that has nothing to do with the goaltender’s March 2, 1982 birthdate.

“I’ve been reflecting this summer and over the last few days and what I come back to is that I am consistently most successful when I’m confident in my game plan and stick with it,” Lundqvist told The Post following Sunday’s practice session. “For me, it’s about getting back to my base and not changing too much because of what’s going on in front of me.”

The past few years, there have been as many “New Lundqvists” as there were “New Nixons” in the ’60s, and you could look that up, kids. At different points during each of the past three seasons, the Swede enthusiastically talked about how he had become more aggressive in challenging shooters. Why, there were stretches last year when the King looked like the second coming of Mike Richter, and that is not a reference to the time No. 35 went on IR with what was essentially battle fatigue, and you could look that up, too.


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