BY Laurie Bookins

Henrik Lundqvist was just 23 years old when he joined the NHL’s New York Rangers in 2005 as their goaltender, and he’s the first to admit temptation was all around him. “I’ve been a clothing guy for a pretty long time, so New York was and is a great city if you love fashion,” he said Wednesday evening at TAG Heuer’s Fifth Avenue boutique. “But as I got older and started making a little more money, it was more interesting to start looking at nicer watches, too. For me, it’s all about clothes, cars and watches; I love great design, I really do.”

Today, the 36-year-old franchise player is known almost as much for his style as his champion-level play — in Lundqvist’s 12 seasons minding the net, the Rangers have made the playoffs 11 times — so it’s little wonder TAG Heuer reached out three years ago to ask that he become an ambassador for the watch brand. “He’s a world champion, and especially in New York, he’s the guy, the sportsperson everyone admires,” said Kilian Muller, president and CEO of TAG Heuer North America. “He has great style and he’s a great performer, and that makes him the perfect embodiment of our values.”


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