When the season started, the Rangers were expected to be in the same tier they’ve been in for years: good, not great. There was no reason to think that the work tank would be in the same sentence as the Rangers. The team was comprised of veteran talent and had Lundqvist as its backbone. Any team with one of the five best goalies on the planet can hang around in the playoff race.

Of course, things did not go to plan. The Kevin Shattenkirk’s torn meniscus and Chris Kreider’s blood clot derailed the season beyond recovery. This poor preformance put the front office in an impossible position, trade the veteran talent or try to ride it out for an eight seed.

However, something strange happened after the trade deadline. The Rangers found an identity, after sleep walking through January and February, the team went all in on giving up scoring chances to generate their own. This formula is directly the reason the team likely will not have a top five pick in the draft.


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